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Re: The 2 ideal materials for a bokken

dbgard wrote:

Now on a less abstract note,I'd like to give some props (proper respect) to some of my aikido sensei...

Saotome Shihan..thanks for reminding me that sensei are human too "Sensei has to pee too!!!!" 8D.

P. Saotome Sensei..thanks for being a great wife to our Shihan, and for helping me feel relaxed among so many prominent, advanced aikidoka. That smile on your face really kept me feeling comfortable 8).

"Doc" Jones..thanks for delivering atemi to my underarm nerve plex with just the right power to free the blocked ki without causing any pain. 8).

Hooker Sensei..Thanks for joking with me when I stepped off the mat at the FSU seminar to drink some water and catch my breath. If you would have yelled at me, I probably would have never set foot in a dojo again. 8D.

Messores Sensei..I didn't know who you were til after the Orlando seminar, but thanks for being patient with a humble 5th kyu! 8).

Merkle Sensei..Thanks for teaching me the importance of maintaining a beginners heart, in spite of the fact that you have every technique near perfect. 8).

Shihan's primary Uke..How in the hell did you react that quickly to Mitsugi Shihan's swiftness? 8O.

Li'ldim (whatever your name is sempai..8P.

Evans Sensei..Your advice to lose our attachment with life and death (i.e. lose our fear of death I think you mean) saved my life. You are my first Aikido Sensei, and I'm proud to say you're a damn good one at that. 8).

Secret little alien Sensei..You truly are a Tengu Warrior I think, Ten thousand thanks to your guidance and comedy. 8D.

Tobin Sensei..I don't think I've ever met a man at so much peace with himself. Stay that way friend ! If Leslie attacks yokomenuchi, be gentle with the shihonage 8D.

While we're talking about off-topic... enough said...


Nick Porter
"Do not fall into the trap of the artisan who boasts twenty years of experience, when in fact he has had only one year of experience-- twenty times."
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