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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

Lorien Lowe,

Point acknowledged on the troll. I can see a core of concern that has me on the edge of if the person is a troll or not. You might be right. That is why I wasn't too quick to pick apart the post.

Here is where the cinch strap is pulled too tight, and sent me bucking if anyone is interested FWIW.

The post is vague. But not too vague. I can guess what style and what female and what place the poster is talking about. And I do have reservations and prejudices of my own concerning the event and some people attending, I felt the post was going about it the wrong way; starting a fire.

If a person has a criticism of an event or person or place, name it, them, and the place. Discuss it in a respectable manner. We have enough of that in other forums to entertain us, where bashing vs. discussion takes place. There is just not enough posts that aren't so emotionally loaded, where you can't professionally discuss it.

That is my burr under my blanket as well, whether the poster was accurate or not, the real discussion gets swept aside as the emotional tone signals it's time to bash because the author is pissed off. Discussing the concern professionally provides an education, clam heads, and credible results either way. It just irritates me when a post ( which happens so many times is aimed just at bashing someone or something regardless if the concerns are valid or not, for the soul purpose to blow off steam. It plagues the net.

What I suggest to the post is if the situation is valid to calm down first, think things out and think things through, and then post in a polite, reasonable and professional manner the concerns. But, as it currently sounds the poster sounds as if he can't take instruction from a woman ( with attitude or not ), and his style is better then theirs. Hence, is the poster's purpose for posting to get sympathy from the board. If that is the case, I have the world's smallest violin play a song just for him. I hope that isn't the case.
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