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Lorien Lowe
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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

Just because someone wasn't touched in the demo dosen't mean they're never touched - I've taken enough stinging whaps (in a loving, teacherly fashion, of course) in the face that I eventually learned to get the h&!! outof the way when I see a sensei setting up for an atemi - with the consequence that the atemi isn't completely thrown. Maybe it looks fake to someone who dosen't know what's going on.

To the original poster, I would say don't judge anyone's aikido until *you* have taken ukemi for them.

To Jon - I don't think this is a troll's thread (it was explicitely described as a *rant* to begin with), and I didn't pick up overt sexism. Describing the teacher as female came across to me as just a description of the teacher, not as 'female and therefore not to be taken seriously'.
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