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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

Larry Camejo wrote:
Right, well the human body can only be twisted in so many ways, a wristlock is a wrist lock, any differences are found in the "how" of achieveing it imo. I've found nothing totally unique in "Aikido waza" as yet.
Nothing's totally "unique." But I find Aikido quite compact compared to Kali, so I get to do the Aikido versions of some things more frequently in any given month.

Not so sure if we'd part company. There are many goals to be achieved in doing randori and playing with the techinques at lower speeds and resistance so that one starts to internalise the basic movements that require one to adapt and apply the "nice techniques", as well as the not so nice ones, is only one aspect of the freeplay paradigm. The ones I outlined are others and do apply to what you were speaking of earlier. From my experience the more one trains in freeplay at lower speed and resistance levels and then slowly builds to the higher speed and resistance levels one slowly develops a means of not "dumb (ing) down and using gross body motions". It's all in what you focus on while practicing this way imo.
Yes, that seems to be what Guro is aiming for.

Right. That could be a challenge to spontaneous training with full resistance then, but may still be of assistance at the lower resistance, slower levels.
When and how much to resist seems to be a complicated issue even within a "cooperative" format. Next time you are having a beer with an Aikikai fifth dan or higher and you don't have anything to do for an hour and a half, ask him.
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