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Re: Training against Violent Assault

lots of good comments and ideas!

I train with my soldiers dealing with unexpected attacks and overwhelming force. It is very much a reality when conducting cordon and search/building clearing techniques. We never go in alone, but people will jump out from behind doors, push you over debri and furniture in dark rooms.

The ability to react appropriately and regain yourself is vital to your survival.

Aikido certainly teaches you good posture and appropriate response. We don't really do aikido, but practice BJJ and weapons tactics. I really have grown to appreciate the ground fighting skills. They help you overcome an initial attack and regain control.

I will have guys get "jumped" and pummelled, then have them roll the assailant either into the guard or rear mount. Usually if they can hold the guy there until there buddy can regain the situation with a butt stroke or some other imobilizing technique, they have a decent chance of survival.

It is difficult at best to train for an ambush attack. I believe most real attacks in assaults will be this type of attack. You will lose the initial advantage, and will not have the proper kamae, having the skills to regain it is important.

As a self defense methodology, I find aikido typically is very weak since we typically start with uke/nage in balanced posture and not from a clinch, or close in dominate position....but then, aikido is not really concerned with self defense, but with teaching correct principles of dynamic movement.

Someone above already covered it well. You can't really go around prepared for all possible situation, nor live your life worrying about being attacked. If you are, I'd recommend many, many more effective methods of self defense other than aikido. avoidance of the situation being the top choice, followed closely by weapons of various types.

As much of an "expert" as I am with various weapons and lethal fighting tools/methods, i'd too be just as much "toast" in a real self defense situation on the civilian street in a suprise simply can only do so much when suprised, overwhelmed, alone, and have no means of weapons. I try to avoid that scenario as much as possible and that has worked the best for me so far!
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