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Re: Training against Violent Assault

For what I have read, many confuse an unexpected/surpresive attack, with training against any attack, without knowing which would be.
In the latter, even though tori doesn't know which attack uke is gonna use or in which moment uke is gonna hit, tori KNOWS is gonna be hit, so is not a surpresive attack. You can train against random attacks, but random doesn't mean unexpected.
Unexpected is when you just don realize you're gonna be attacked.
You can't train techniques against an unexpected attack, once you responde is not unexpected anymore, you can only train your awareness to avoid being surprised.
How do you train your awarness? well, take the same awarness, attention, concentration, that you have in class (knowing taht yo're gonna be attaked) and have that same attention outside the dojo. You don't need to be in an constat state of paranoia, as someone said, just pay attention, and relax. sounds simple, but is not, usually we relax so much tahta we loose awarness and are easy to surprise with any attack.
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