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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido- OT

Welcoming real attacks...hmmm...I think you would have bodies plied up outside the dojo. You would also need to have a dream team of lawyers.

What martial art trains using real attacks...really?

The pendulum swings both ways. Aikido is criticized for being full of estrogen filled Easter Bunnies who freak because they get scratched by a finger nail. This is done by those extremists who have no realistic perception of life, who are clearly not living in reality. But rather living on a testerone driven key board high and have watched too many episodes of Samurai Jack which they fancy themselves as.

That is to say you have to look at the source that proclaim realistic attacks. Are the extremist who call for realism that of those I mentioned, who simply are attacking those Aikidoka they deem as aiki bunnies, or fruity. Because they feel superiority over others?

Rational thinking tells us we should pass on this idea of realistic attacks. Also, does everyone know what entails a realistic attack. 2. Is everyone capable of making realistic attacks with equal intent lover and over again in a training session? 3. Who is willing to allow themselves to make realistic attacks and accept the realistic consequences resulting from a realistically employed technique? We are wired to protect ourselves from injury. 4) if I am going to commit a real attack am not going to role play. Or make a non-verbal contract of what type of attack I will commit as an Ukei. Assuming we are in the dojo, and not in the street where I can drive down the Tori.

When we bring the term realistic attack in to the light of reason we see that it isn't all that possible. That what is over-hype termed of a realistic attack is really in truth no more then a more committed attack.

Any attack in the dojo is artificial whether you give it your all or not. Because you are there in the dojo to train, and not kill each.
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