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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Rob Liberti wrote:
I keep hearing things like if you really get any one technique in aikido you understand all of them. As far as having an integrated mind, I can see that to a degree. Rob
Funny thing Rob, I always use to hear that in Judo.
I have not participated in this -since I started Aikido as a Judoka/jujitsuka. I have enjoyed the thread stories from Peter and others. I believe one should have a healthy respect for all good MA, and Judo does offer the opportunity to train in a different perspective(given as in any MA style a set of rules for engaement). I have been taught by Judoka incorperating Aikido ideas into their Judo, and Aikidoka incorperating Judo into their Aikido. The end result for both is better Martial Artists who continue to learn and grow (may I always be in that group).
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