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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Rob Liberti wrote:
I was wondering if you had some personal recommendations out there in the world of people, their books or videos, etc. No is okay, just curious.
I've been involved in a number side-discussions over the years about who is most qualified in the U.S. and who shows you enough to really put you on the road to acquiring those skills. The people that really know (there are gradations of "really know") don't really let it out. You can get varying degrees of information from people with lesser accomplishment.

Another discussion that I've recently been engaged in was a friend of mine commenting that a very high-level expert was a bit taken-aback at the skill-level of my friend's female partner... the comment was that a glass ceiling seemed to drop immediately into place. The training methods and the real skills are simply not openly taught. I'm still getting over the stunning impact of finding out that the Chinese let the cat out of the bag with the Japanese (and they in their turn are witholding it, etc.).

I recommended a video (DVD) trio by Bo Jia Cang
( ) and I would recommend a book by Lam Kam Chuen called "The Way of Power" (these are both Yiquan-related, but yiquan tends to focus on developing this power more directly than any other art). The problem is that while the DVD's and book are helpful, they really don't do you a lot of good if you haven't been shown a few other things. That's the problem... although there is more information getting out, there's always something witheld. In fact, there's a couple of things on the Yiquan DVD's that are obviously witheld if you know what to look for, but there's also something that *may* be witheld or that Bo simply doesn't know.... but I can't decide which it is because I KNOW he's witholding some things (and surely a few things that I simply don't know myself).


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