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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Michael Neal wrote:
I know Aikido and Judo are not the same but they do share alot of techniques as you mentioned, but I guess if I used them I would be accused by people like Larry of trying to prove Judo was better.
I didn't accuse you, I asked if that were the case or if I were wrong. English Michael, English.

Michael Neal wrote:
You just can't win no matter what you do, there are just too many people in Aikido that are intimidated by Judo I guess.
Yeah I can agree with that. But then they also tend to be the folks who don't train in martially effective Aikido either and as a result have little faith in its abilities.

Michael Neal wrote:
I mean Larry had no problems using Aikido techniques against Judoka when it suited him to do so, but I guess that is OK though.
It appears that misquoting people is a great skill of yours.

In the past I indicated 2 situations where I sparred Judoka. One was after a TKD tournament and was open season and anything goes so he got put down quickly (and if I do say so, cleanly) by a kotegaeshi after trying to grab something (of course I suckered him into it and left my arm deliberately dangling out there, just within his grabbing range, but well within my kuzushi range).

The second situation was in a Judo dojo where I tried to do O-Goshi but since at that time (pre-Jujutsu training) all my Judo waza pretty much sucked, my attempted O-goshi turned into an outward turning, one handed Uki Otoshi and down went the Judoka. Other than that, keeping arms and back straight and weight low during stand up randori (a la tegatana and kuzushi drills in Aikido) kept things at a stalemate.

So it's not like I'm storming Judo dojos and using Aiki waza to beat up on beginners. I'm going there to learn things in an area my Aikido does not address well. Before my Jujutsu training I'd get my butt handed to me about 90% of the time in Judo or BJJ practice and it was cool cuz I wanted to get beat up to learn. Not anymore though, but now I use Ju waza effectively and can avoid slipping into Aiki waza when I'm in Judo.

The only reason the Aiki waza slipped in is because of what MJ said above about the techniques being branches on the same tree and it was just natural for me, but not a deliberate act. I don't need to go into a Judo dojo to prove my Aiki waza works. But it's good to silence the critics every now and then.

As far as general training goes, I think there should be an equal balance between forms and randori training since it can be very easy to modify the basic form when under the pressures of randori and if things are not checked back against a "correct forms" template one's waza can suffer greatly over time. Randori should help one develop spontaneous application of technique and counters but should also challenge one to maintain the proper form so that the quality of the technique does not suffer when met with a dynamic situation, since it is the use of correct form that makes it effective.

Just my thoughts.

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