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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Rob Liberti wrote:
Hi Wendy,

I agree wth everything you just said. My only concern in geneal with this kind of approach is the question of to what level of sophistocation are the techniques practiced prior to "testing" them out. It's something to always consider. A certain amount of depth can be reached in primarily competitive practice. I believe that beyond that point, can only be reached by going back to cooperative practice - and then by all means continue to test new degrees of depth out in competitive practice. I totally agree that going back and forth between the two is the way to then develop the ability under more and more pressure.

Oh, absolutely. You don't give up on the cooperative model because you've "graduated" to the competitive model. You always need to go back to working cooperatively to improve the weaknesses you uncovered in competitive practice, and just because there's always something you can improve by deliberate practice -- body mechanics, trying out slight variations on the attack, more carefully considering the subtleties of the technique, etc. That goes for me in my aikido, karate, jujitsu and tai chi as well as music and probably everything else I do, so I assume it holds as well for judo. Any judoka out there want to chime in?
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