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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

I believe I was on the course and saw the demonstrations...I may have even met the 6th dan "Sensei" on the day.....she introduced herself as "Sensei X"...which I found a bit odd.

But no matter.

The aikido described wasn't particularly for me...but the pre-war aikido option wasn't particularly for me either.

I went for the experience - to meet people and check out what they had to offer.

What does it matter what people think? If your aikido is good then it is good. If it isn't it isn't. If you feel that what you are doing is right then carry on and to hell with everyone else.

Its not worth being 'outraged' over. Be outraged over starving millions, happy slapping, inner city crime or other real issues.

If the aikido referred to was not for you then don't do it. Carry on with your own practice. You'll probably never share a mat with the instructor ever again so why stress about it?

And check out Greg Jennings post above...

just my thoughts

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