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Re: Training against Violent Assault

Philip Smith wrote:
By definition you cannot prepare for the unexpected.
In my opinion you have to just live your life, you can't walk around in a state of constant paranoia where you think you're going to be attcked at any moment.
And yes when it does happen you will probably get hit, the important thing in that situation is how do you cope with that.

What you said is exactly what I am thinking. Walking around in total paranoia is not a way of life.
However, my point of introducing this article is more for the purposes of being able to deal with the unexpected after its happened.

e.g. X gets a sucker punch from behind from Y, X is shocked from the unexpected. What proceeds from there could be one of many possibilities; one being X goes into a state of shock and or surprise, fails to recover and gets a severe beating - or two, X is able to recuperate and assess the scenario they are in and defend their state of present condition.

Living in a big city I have seen a few such episodes and it seems to me that this kind of attack is more the norm instead of the rarity and oddly enough the attacker prevails most of the time. Awareness as some have said in this thread I believe is more than capable in preventing this type of attack, however such times can be where even our own awareness makes a wrong judgement where we are then placed in such a style of an attack.

Training in a simulated environment of such types of attacks, although not the real deal, is as close as one is going to get. For example, we could simulate a street attack where one can walk and nominate one of 3 or 4 partners attack him at random and without knowing who of the 4 will the attacker be (protection such as gloves are of course insinuated - please note that I am not saying we should go out and assault our partners but try to get as close to the real thing and see how we come out of it at the end of it).

Even if we don't experience and or learn do deal with the real effect we might appreciate a little more what is involved and raise our state of awareness by a few notches higher.

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