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Re: How Samurai i s aikido

Peter A Goldsbury wrote:
Chuck Gordon mentioned "Last Samurai". I would supplement his suggestion with two more: "Tasogare Seibei" (= Twilight Samurai), and "Kakushiken: Oni no Tsume" (= Hidden Sword: Devil's Claw, but I doubt whether it has been released in the US yet, so I do not know the English title). They are both 'samurai' films set in the late Tokugawa period, but are much more 'authentic' than Last Samurai.

I second Peter on Tasogare Seibei, it was excellent, and starred Hiroyuki Saneda who was the chap that gave Tom Cruise a pasting in Last Samurai. I also recommend Mibu Gishi Den (When the last sword is drawn), which is also set at the same time as Last Samurai. I thoroughly enjoyed this



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