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Prometheus -

Here's something that may help. Obviously certain things work for some and not others. Do technique with your eyes closed. Obviously, this is only going to work at first on grabbing techniques. We've done this in class (the whole class) and sometimes I will do it on my own and just feel how it's supposed to flow. Sometimes I find it better that way. You dont worry about "oh this foot has to go here, and then I have to do this, and then, oh wait no that other thing comes first." You just sort of feel the steps and the circles and I think that by feeling it sometimes that can help some people. I know with me sometimes I "feel" the technique better if I have my eyes closed and I'm not trying to see where everything is supposed to "go." Give it a shot - see what happens - it can't hurt, unless of course it's a shomenuchi, munetsuki, or other sort of striking attack

...then again, that's just me.
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