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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

Well Michael I'm sure that you can find an Aikido dojo that allows koshis in randori practice. I'm still quite new to aikido (only 3 years) and we do not yet do 100% resitance randori but during cooperative/semi cooperative randori that we do, koshis and any other tequniques are allowed. I'm told that once we get our techniques profficient enough and we can controll the technique such that we do not hurt eachother we will do resitive randori. The way things go now our sensei sometimes shouts "NO! or STOP" because we sometimes go too hard and he thinks someone will end up with a broken arm/wrist.

Michael, I'm sure you can find an Aikido dojo that would satisfy your desire for realistic training. I'm not sure how most of the dojo's practice, but we train pretty hard and from what I hear things will only get harder and more realistic in the years to come. I for one am looking forward to this since I belive a martial art should be "martial" and so does my sensei. We have people watching (thinking of joining) and some join but some say that they think it may be too ruff for them. Believe it or not but there are Aikido dojos out there that are martial and strive for realism.

I hope you can find one and train hard and maybe you'll change your opinions of Aikido's effectivenes.

Happy training,


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