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I've been at this for a couple of years, and I have had the experience, that now and then I begin to feel comfortable with what I do, and then all of the sudden everything falls apart and I go back to feeling akward again. I used to fool myself into believing that this is a natural fluctuation where we get the hang of doing what we know and then we learn something new to incorporate. It might not be completely true but the thought helps me getting trough, when nothing seemes to work.

However: I think that in a few months time - maybe half a year depending on how much you practice - you will begin to feel less mystified. Most of the techniques will begin to be not completely unfamilliar to you and that's when it get's really tough.... That will be the time where you begin to focus on other parts of your training than just moving your legs and arms in the generally right direction. You will probably begin to work with your posture, your KI, your flow, your 'one-point', your weapons work or whatever other aspect will be presented to you at a time where you are ready for it. A lot of new aikido-ka's stop when they reach this point. Perhaps they can't accept the huge amount of knowledge they suddenly realise they are about to acquire. Perhaps they just don't like Aikido that much after the first affection cools off.

Just remember: whenever you begin to feel comfortably about anything in Aikido then you know for sure that you are not looking hard enough

Most importantly: Have fun (and loads of it)

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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