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Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

Charlie wrote:
Doesn't sound preconceived to me...They didn't call it aiki-fruity - others did
Stuart Norton wrote:
Hmm, I don't know Jon.

If he was being a snot about it as you suggest, then surely it's better to just give 'em a whiff of grapeshot than flash your Deputy Dawg badge around?
He could have flashed, and he just didn't tell us. The story is very one sided and opinionated. My vote is we are feeding a troll. Who has violated the forum rules.

His post is full of condescending remarks and sarcasms. He puts down all those who practice this style, what he terms as aiki-fruity style. It is clear he is not the author of this term, but he sure does support in a very condescending and sarcastic manner in his post. It is clear just by the fact he used the term in the first place. Very poor taste.

This appears after an introductory paragraph which sets the following up:

WantToSpeakOut wrote:
what I have heard being described on these forums as a very aiki-fruity style. The uke literally ran around the sensei and threw himself on the floor without being touched (looked impressive uke'ing skills) When we had to go and practice what we had been shown we (some aikidoka I don't know) didn't really know what to do as it seemed very unnatural to grab someones hand once they had turned a certain amount and as for falling over without being touched it just seemed a little ridiculous. There didn't seem to be any skill we were supposed to be learning,
I think this says it all about the intent of the poster. Booooo, Hisssss.
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