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Re: Training against Violent Assault

There's a HUGE difference between "static" training and "dynamic" training. Forms are a static training tool, i.e. one learns the "shape" of a movement by training statically, slowly and deliberately, where to put your feet, your body, your hands etc. etc..

In dynamic training, the idea is to let go of the form and the "fine" detail and revert to gross movement. This is necessary to allow the student to experience the *various* mental states of awareness. A constant state of awareness is not possible, it is simply an ideal - something that takes even the most enlightened Zen master a lifetime to achieve.

So, yes, I do this quite regularly in my class. First the student learns the "forms", then we play multiple attackers. The one's that are fixated on the "form", are usually the ones that get "hit".
Also, if uke does not really attack, the flow is broken and people end up standing there waiting for the other to "do something". (Usually this means someone would have already been hit SEVERAL times, if it were for real).

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