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Re: Tales of Judo Sparring Aikidoists

And the cool thing is Hori-san is originally a Judo guy.

Rob no offense - Micheal I was using perfectly legal Judo randori techniques in Judo randori. My timing was unusual but finding that hook is what you are supposed to do in Judo. Sorry you feel that the lack of Koshinage tosses Shodokan Aikido out the window for you but ... well maybe its time to once again re-visit some of Tomiki's thinking.

Kenji Tomiki was one of Kano's direct students as he was of Ueshiba M. I think its fair to say he was well versed in both Judo and Aikido and the strengths and weaknesses of both. And here is the crux - he developed Shodokan Aikido randori not just because Aikido was missing a Judo randori element but also because Judo was missing atemi waza and a good chunk of useful kansetsu waza from its randori. The design of Shodokan randori is to emphasize the waza not found in Judo randori and a distance more conducive to the Aiki techniques.

The rules of Shodokan randori/shiai are designed with the above in mind. If you wish to become a more all round fighter Tomiki insisted you should do both and a couple of other things besides. You will find at Shodokan Honbu (current and historically) a large number of people that either came from a Judo background (Olympic level/prefectural champion) or cross-train. Because of this way of thinking Tomiki was pretty clear that when you train Judo do Judo, when you train Aikido do Aikido. That is not to say that when in a playful randori move the occasional Judo specific move is not tossed in there. I don't think anyone would have a problem with a Koshinage in randori - shiai is another matter. By the way Shodokan Aikido shiai does not have weight classes - another reason certain Judo techniques are not included.

FYI Yoseikan Budo has a randori style which does not make the distinction between Judo and Aikido randori.

Now once again - I did not enter a Judo dojo to demonstrate the superiority of Aikido technique - I just wanted to up my randori time with the closest thing to Shodokan Aikido randori I could find. As a bonus I am learning some neat tricks and insights into my own Aikido. Perhaps Michael that's were you are going wrong.

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