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Re: Beginners with delusions of grandeur...

I really do enjoy when people with other MA backgrounds come to practice Aikido, but also speaking as a beginner who also had other MA backgrounds it can be difficult to break free of what you've already learnt and question where certain things would actually work (though I never pointed this out or made any comment; I was there to learn Aikido, not teach another style).
I really enjoy it when people come in with other MA backgrounds, too. They really do add a lot to the training environment and provide are really great perspective. And your right, they have an adjustment period to go through. But that is not an excuse for them to being absolutely rude -- an explanation but not a justification. However, not all beginners with MA background are rude, and you are right that there is a lot of unlearning they need to do to learn aikido. I guess I would assume (you know what that means, right? ) that since they do have previous martial arts experience they would know better and come in with a sense of humility. But like I said, my example really was an extreme, and instead of cranking (like some people here assumed I did) I spoke up and said something. I talked to him to find out what the heck was going on in his head. Unfortunately, the ONLY THING that worked was pulling rank because he was refusing to listen to me otherwise. I never had to do that before, but it's a better solution than trying to lash out at the poor guy.

Anyhow, he's already past that "i've trained in another martial art phase" and is becoming a great training partner.

RE: "teaching" in class -- Yes, at my dojo, my sensei expects and encourages the higher ranked student to help teach the beginners (or lower ranked) and not just stand there silently allowing them to suffer and struggle in an attempt to teach themselves. My sensei has discovered beginners learn faster when he allows the higher ranking to assist and even instruct the lower ranking. (Of course we're under his watchful eye, and he steps in if we totally mess things up. ) (And btw, this could be a 4th dan to 1st dan or, 1st kyu to a 3rd kyu or, a 5th kyu to a day-one-newbie.) So, I was not out-of-line by "instructing" him. So if you like "no talk or hardly no talk" training, you'd probably get really annoyed training at our dojo.

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