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Dead Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

Larry Camejo wrote:

Having experienced similar sentiments from some about "I am 6th Dan so that is supposed to mean I know what I am talking about", I can understand the original poster's frustration.

I'm not saying that the person did not earn their rank and skirt, but from experience those who are quick to flash rank as their only claim to authority tend not to have the skills to back it up in a errr... more spontaneous and objective environment.

I see where your getting at. But, are we give the poster instant credibility- believe his side? I am not into instant coffee or instant credibility per the net. I wasn't there, therefore, I can't assume the female 6th dan wasn't anything but polite. This is based on the tone of the post. It is evident the poster had pre-judged the class before going into it, and carried that through out the time the poster was at the class. Based on the tone and style of the post, I have to give the benefit of doubt that it didn't go down exactly as the poster states. I would hedge my bets that the female 6th dan, if she was pulling rank or had an attitude it was because she had possible cause. For example, possible previous rude behavior and/or attitude displayed by the poster at the time of the class, incited her to take control of the situation. Or she was misinterpreted due to the poster's prejudices evident in the poster's post against the class and woman. He was too shakes short of calling her a bitch in his post.

People for get how hard it is to train people and be open in a public venue who really are not there to give you a fair shot. It is also very difficult to teach other and be concerned with others there to learn when someone is disruptive and rude. Who are not really there to give other then to give you grief. Remember the poster saying he thought of the style as "aiki-fruti." He already formed a negative opinion of this class BEFORE hand based on what he read on the forums.

When your are trying to teach a class whether you are the world's best or worst out of consideration for the other attendees you must have to take control of the situation and let them know who is boss, or 86 the person. It is sad that such disciplinary behavior needs to take place.

Nothing is learned from this. It bothers me the poster's tone and style is on the edge of slander, and ridicule. I am sure this poster has posted non-anonymously on other forums that agrees with him. Is there benefit to anyone by posting such a post here anonymously? Is this a legitimate concern?

I don't care how bad or good the class was. If someone's arm got broke, yes. If some was subjected to abuse or hazing, it is a legitimate concern. There is a whole truck load of other legitimate concerns. But, my style is better then yours, well this is just not one of those legitimate concerns. Let's get the dead mean donkey....out of the street. There is no need to beat it.
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