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Re: Training against Violent Assault

Bratzo Barrena wrote:
I found funny what the author of that article says.
there's a huge gap in its article.
Every martial art training should be aimed to develpe proper defense mechanims against any attack, spected or unspected, but do not confuse techniques, which are designed to counter an attack once the attacked person knows is being attacked; with attention which is an state of mind that allows you to always be ready and in constant awareness of your suroundings, so you won't be surprisely attacked.
the importat thing for the martial artist is to develope a state of awareness all the time, it's not easy, but it's the goal. so even an unespected aggresion won't catch you by surprise.
but if, like in the article, you are brushing your teeth, and you're only concentrated in that action and loose awareness of your suroundings, there's no martial art can help you.
you'll be cought entirely by sorprise, with no time for reaction.
So, martial arts is not only the technique, is training of awareness too.
having awareness all the time, is easy?, no; is its possible?, yes, but requieres a lot of work and will to achieve it.
Then the author gives examples of proper training against this "violent sudden attacks", it's stupid, once you train it in a concious, standarized manner, they are not sudden or unespected anymore.
to be ready for sorpresive attack is not a matter of training techniques, it's a matter of developing a constant awarness of your own and your suroundings.
just my opinion
"In all forms of strategy, it is necessary to maintain the combat stance in everyday life and to make your everyday stance your combat stance."
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