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Dead Re: Frustrated by unconvincing aikido

Here is what gets the flags popping up all over the place in my skeptical head. This is done in an entertaining and amusing way.

This post sure sounds as if it is coming from the camp that believes everyone else except their camp, are dancing plush toy Aikidoka. The real Aikidoka mud wrestling and don't drink light beer because that is what makes you a real Aikidoka.

I love the idea presented here that one experience at one "place" where one club has a class makes aikido unconvincing. Yet, it doesn't make pre-war ryu......shhhhh...your didn't hear me say that...unconvincing as well?

I love that fact that everyone from this club that was unconvincing and frustrating was...SATAN! Oh my what a Linda Blair experience it must have been to have a 6th dan woman there! Even more horrible she had the juevos rancheros to correct someone from what is "described as pre-war Aikido." This is what I hear in my head as I read it, "How absurd! we know how it is done!"

It's that more than a bit rude to have such an attitude of "don't instruct me, I know how it is done." I would think so. This is why, when a person voluntarily come a class to accept instruction taught by someone else and refuses to do it as demonstrated. But rather, does it in the way they they think it should be done, after two years of training. The way the two years of training was presented I got the feeling that mean more in dog years. Then complains about it on the net that it is frustrating and unconvincing. That is just ill-mannered, and rude. Especially with having a prejudice and poor disposition against the style, "I have heard being described on these forums as a very aiki-fruity style."

Let's take the last quote an look at it, what keys me in is the words "these forums." This is a forum. What other forums are there that described this style as "aiki-fruity"? It would have been nice if a link was provided on this forum where that term was used. I am not sure if we are to believe that everyone describes this style as "aiki-fruity"? In my head there waves a huge red flag with skull and cross bones on it.

It seems the complaint is that there wasn't enough blood and guts spilled on the mat. No broken bones, no chick fights, no dueling banjos, and no mud wrestling. That people where merely running around the Sensei and "falling over without being touched..." And yes, these people falling down when not doing it correctly, do they need to buy that DVD and learn proper ukemi?

I am fully aware of the buzz on another Aikido board. But, does it have to come here? It is well discussed over there and frankly it is about main stream Aikido, it is a wee-wee fight among like minds. I wonder what is really coming off someone's chest, or is it merely dropping off a dead horse.
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