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Re: How Samurai i s aikido

A good film to watch is the famous 'seven samaurai' (origin of the idea for the magnificent seven). Not only is it a beautiful film, but it illustrates the exploitation of farming peasants by many of the wealthy ruling samurai, and the fact that the ideals of the samurai were not necessarily adhered to.

Samurai ideals revolve around serving your lord completely. Who is it you would intend to serve in such a way, in a moden society? 'Budo' seems much more suited to a society where clans aren't constantly fighting each other. However even then, it is better to think for yourself and make decisions based on the specifics of the situation than to follow set rules. (and if you are going to follow rules, why not follow the legal code of your own society?)

Although it's nice to idealise the past, it's only because we have the luxury of living in a society which is based on entirely different values. Killing people and worshipping your ruler like a deity, IMHO is not to be recommended.

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