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Re: How Samurai i s aikido

Justin Riley wrote:
As for Aikido, I'm going to take it up and do my best to absorb the lifestyle the external and internal benefits really appeal to me
I would go for the training, as intensively as possible, but not worry too much about the lifestyle.

Chuck Gordon mentioned "Last Samurai". I would supplement his suggestion with two more: "Tasogare Seibei" (= Twilight Samurai), and "Kakushiken: Oni no Tsume" (= Hidden Sword: Devil's Claw, but I doubt whether it has been released in the US yet, so I do not know the English title). They are both 'samurai' films set in the late Tokugawa period, but are much more 'authentic' than Last Samurai.

The heroes embody samurai values (which can, up to a point, be translated into aikido 'values') more clearly than in "Last Samurai".

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