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Re: How Samurai i s aikido

Justin Riley wrote:
I was just wondering how "Samurai" is aikido or is ...
It's not. The founder of the art was a commoner, living in a time after the samurai as a class had already been abolished.

He was a student of a man whose family had been samurai, but after the Meiji Restoration, threre were no samurai, only dreams of the good (bad?) old days.

But ... neither are any of the other budo particularly more 'samurai' than aikido. Aikido is, however, a good budo, and you can learn a lot about yourself, about budo and about some of the mindset and practices of the Japanese warrior class in aikido.

Justin Riley wrote:
... it more overall Japanese Bushido lifestyle and spirituality (which i guess is very Samurai) ...
Well, since 'bushido' is a pretty nebulous thing (there was never a single, unified code of bushido), and the ethical and moral behavior of the samuari as individuals ranged from santly to demonic, it'd be tough to ascribe to that class anything resembling an overarching legacy of behavior and attitudes that reflected the many and varied activities, beliefs and legacies of the class.

Look, if you want to learn about the samurai, there are plenty of good books (look up anything by Karl Friday, Ellis Amdur or Dave Lowry for starters, and get your hands on the 'Koryu Budo' trilogy edited by Diane Skoss).

If you want to learn budo, there are plenty of good (and way too many bad) schools around.

Living the samurai way is a fantasy. Learning budo can be a reality.


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