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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Being logical is not stupid.
Very well, Mr. Beetle. Logic it is.

The nature of your knowledge of Aikido is in dispute, yet you refuse to detail how you came about your knowledge. Did you receive instruction? Did you read books? Did you simply watch a few videos? The topic of debate is the effectiveness and/or usefulness of Aikido philosophy, so the extent of your knowledge of this philosophy is relevant. For example: I may watch a few UFC matches and conclude that shooting for the legs is an stupid technique because a good kicker can kick the shooter in the face as he shoots. However, if I actually trained in MMA/grappling, I may have a different, and more knowledgeable, opinion. Those who have this more knowledgeable opinion my disregard my un-knowledgeable opinion on the basis that I do not have enough experience with grappling to know how effective the technique is. This would be rational. The Aikidoka who are disputing you feel that they can disregard your opinion in a similar way, because you do not have enough knowledge of Aikido philosophy to have a realistic opinion. Please detail for us exactly what you know about Aikido, so we may know how seriously to take you. Your refusal to do this is an indication that you have something to hide.
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