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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

How would you like it if your sensei was a Catholic and they did Catholic religious rituals during class?
If your opposed to Catholicism, then you may quit or disregaurd such rituals.

At one school where I trained I always refused to participate in Judo "meditations", and I told my teacher why.

At my school now, we do not bow.
Some traditional guys come to my school and they say, "Beetle, why don't you bow?" I say, "I am not Asian."
They say, "Beetle, why don't you clear your mind with meditation before doing Judo?"
I say, "Your mind needs to be on Judo when you do Judo, not on nothing. If your mind is clear when the guy attacks with Harai-goshi, then your going to get slammed. You wouldn't want to be riding in a car with a guy who's mind is clear and on nothing. No, you would say, 'Hey, get your mind on your driving before you kill us!'
Judo, like Aikido, requires a mind full of knowledge, not a mind that is clear, blank, and focused on nothing.

People at my school know that I am a Calvinist.
But, I don't get paid to teach Calvinism.
I get paid to teach Jacketed wrestling (Judo and Jiu-jitsu), and NO-Gi wrestling (Greco-Roman, Free-style, and Folk-style).

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