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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Monty Collier wrote:
It may be important to those who do not understand logical reasoning. But, the fact remains, you are not correct just because you are person X, but you are only correct if what you teach is correct.
I agree with you. But so far all we have seen are words. To believe that the words are true or even that they are your words requires either training with you, watching numerous videos of you training or finding out where you learned Aikido from.

I don't have to have any training in Aikido to have an opinion about it.
What about informal training? Would I have the right to have an opinion then?
Certainly. As long as training is involved. What do you mean by informal training anyway? I am hoping you don't mean that had a discussion with a guy over coffee who once saw an Aikido class 10 years ago and learned everything you know about Aikido in that informal setting.

So...are you telling us that you received your Aikido training "informally"?

I love how some the people here have the audacity to tell others that they do or do not have the right to think.
Actually, I said it was *possible* that you didn't have a right to an opinion. It depends if you know anything about Aikido or not. Simple, eh?

So far you haven't said anything that couldn't be parroted from someone else. Are these original thoughts you are having?

I have never played Major League Baseball. I have never had any "formal" training in Major League Baseball, but I have the opinion that those guys get paid way too much for just playing a child's game.

Opinion One: Childs game. I guess you haven't played it those who make their livelyhood at it might. Of course, I am not a professional baseball player either. Maybe you're right...maybe they do consider a child's game.

Opinion Two: Way too much money. If they get paid it then it can't be too much as far as the people paying their salary is concerned. Of course...that could just be a business decision that you obviously have more experience and knowledge to make for the owners of baseball teams, though.

/sarcasm off.

Seems to me that you just can't step back and examine some basic premises of Aikido.

Seems to me you have to know some first...and you haven't demonstrated that to my satisfaction. Sorry...just the way it is.



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