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Originally posted by akiy
Same kind of thing in English with homonyms. They may sound the same, but they're written differently and mean different things.
I was not wondering there are two kanji for the same sound, but two kanji for the same term. The source where I found them is, there, a book by Hiroshi Higuchi is mentioned as source.

Since you're using Nelson's dictionary,
I'm not. Mine is by Hadamitzky, but I thought the Nelson numbers were some kind of a standard to refer to kanji.

By the way, although I didn't have tai sabaki listed, I did have shikkou and other characters in the "Kanji" files in the language section of this site...
I know those pages and regard them as a valuable source (allthough I do not think that katate tori is a rank ;-) ). My Problem with Shikko was not that I did not know the kanji, but that I did not know how to convince my IME to display them (entering "shikko" or variations did not result with the desired kanji, Peter's hint to use "hiza yuku" made it). Using the IME allows me to use vector fonts, which look better when printed.

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