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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

[quote=Michael Stuempel]

but establishing credentials is important in a forum like this where no one knows you.
It may be important to those who do not understand logical reasoning. But, the fact remains, you are not correct just because you are person X, but you are only correct if what you teach is correct.

If a teacher of math claims that 2+2=5
while a 5 year old claims that
then would you listen to the 5 year old?
But, he is not one with credentials!
He has not graduated from the math dept. at Harvard!
How could the math teacher be wrong?
Stars above, this guy teaches math, shouldn't he know?

It doesn't matter who you are, or who taught you.
If you are right, then you are right.
The attempt to determine if a person's argument is valid or not based upon who that person's teachers were is an informal logical fallacy (that means it is a mistake) called ad hominem.
In English it is known as the Fallacy of Expertise.

As an alternative to telling everyone who your teachers were and how long you trained and what style you trained in you could give us access to a number of videos where you are doing Aikido both as shite and as uke.
Check my web-site from time to time. I will be uploading such video clips for view.

If you haven't had any formal training in Aikido then it is possible that you don't have the right to have an opinion about Aikido.
I don't have to have any training in Aikido to have an opinion about it.
What about informal training? Would I have the right to have an opinion then?
I love how some the people here have the audacity to tell others that they do or do not have the right to think.

I have never played Major League Baseball. I have never had any "formal" training in Major League Baseball, but I have the opinion that those guys get paid way too much for just playing a child's game.

Handing out opinions on something you have no knowledge of is like practicing medicine without a license. Maybe you think you're helping...but probably not.
You can practice medicine without a license. A license does not make a doctor good at what he does. It just means that someone approves of him. Doctors screw up, kill people, and get the hell sued out of them everyday.

Oh...and as for definitions...
The definition supports what I said about Epistemology.
The nature of knowledge would be whether knowledge is sensation, or propositional (which relates directly back to empiricism or rationalism)

But evading the issue of lineage is stupid if you want any respect here.
Being logical is not stupid.
I am not interested in anyone respecting me.
I am more interested in the truth.
Let others kiss butt and suck up if that is how one gets respect in this place.

And starting an obviously controversial thread entitled "Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward" without answering simple questions on where you come from and what you base your opinion on seems to me to be blatantly provocative.
Seems to me that you just can't step back and examine some basic premises of Aikido.

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