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Originally posted by Peter Goldsbury
Since posting this message, Jun has also posted a reply, but I think he is using the old Nelson dictionary.

Don't you guys have the new Nelson and Spahn and Hadamitzky's Kanji Dictionary?
Yup -- I'm using the second revised edition of Nelson's dictionary rather than the new one. I haven't really used it all that often since my previous life as a computational linguist so it really hasn't given me too much incentive to purchase the new edition.

I'll take a look at Spahn and Hadamitzky's dictionary, though, when I get the chance. Thanks for the pointer.

And, to clarify my previous post, your reference to the new edition's kanji #2162 is the same as the old edition's #1912. I'll attach an image of the character out of Moriteru Ueshiba sensei's book below...

-- Jun
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