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I cuould read all the kanji you posted in your last message. But I think you can no longer resd my kanji on the AJ board or E-budo. As for taisabaki, I suggest you talk to Peter Megann of the British Aikido Federation (you csn find his e-mail address on the IAF web site). I write articles for their newsletter and I am pretty sure that the taisabaki kanji was disciussed.

The kanji for sabaki in Doshu's latest book is ŽJ‚«. This is the character you could not find. It is radical 64 and in the revised Nelson dictionary is No.2162. It means to 'dispose of' or 'manipulate'. Of course, there are other meanings, but with the character 'tai' (body), the meaning is pretty clear.

The other kanji is under Radical 145 amd is No. 5454 in the revised Nelson dictionary. It has a completely different meaning, which is to cut, or make a judgement. There is no sense of movement.

Finally, I strongly suggest that you use two dictionaries: the revised Nelson, not the old version, and Spahn and Hadamitzky's "Kanji Dictionary". This is an excellent dictionary and the main virtue is that, unlike Nelson, you can look up a word under any of the characters appearing in the word.

I urge you to buy it, despite the price, and I think there was an earlier German version, which also might still be available.

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Peter Goldsbury

Since posting this message, Jun has also posted a reply, but I think he is using the old Nelson dictionary.

Don't you guys have the new Nelson and Spahn and Hadamitzky's Kanji Dictionary?

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