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Re: aikido and sword principles

Rupert Atkinson wrote:
Yes, because he studied Kenjutsu, so he can relate it to that directly. Many, most Aikidoka do not, they only approximate it. I suspect there is a lot of pretense ...
This is one of the main parts that bothered me when I first starting studying Aikido.

Someone would say to me "oh...this is like cutting with a sword" and I would look at them and say "that doesn't really help me because I have never cut with a sword" and then I would find out that they actually hadn't cut with a sword either, but had picked up a bokken and had learned to make the same hand movements as they do empty handed...

Of course...this got confusing when you tried to do it with the hands in the opposite grip because you wanted to do left side...and you get yelled at that your hands are wrong. What's up with that?


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