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Originally posted by Markus
From what I have found, the first, , means something like to taylor or to judge, the second, , something like to sell or to cure.

The correct character for sabaki, according at least to the current Doshu's "Kihan Aikido", is the second character for "sabaku".
Again, I can not understand a) why there are two kanji

Same kind of thing in English with homonyms. They may sound the same, but they're written differently and mean different things.
and b) how this actually relates to what aikido people know as sabaki.

Since you're using Nelson's dictionary, I'll point you to the third meaning of 1912 which says, "handle, manipulate." "The way one handles one's body" sounds OK to my own ears, at least.

By the way, although I didn't have tai sabaki listed, I did have shikkou and other characters in the "Kanji" files in the language section of this site...

-- Jun

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