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Thank you very much for your explanations, they made things a little clearer to me. I'd like to add that I also really appreciate to have you on this board, too. I usually enjoy reading your posts on the Aikido Journal BBS - and most times learn a lot from them.

I tryed with hiza yuku and the IME brought the kanji I wanted: Gs (hope this is readable, I can not see your kanji, allthough I normally can view Japanese web pages and your kanji on

I hope I won't seem impertinent to ask another question: I found two different kanji writings for sabaki: ق and J (the first one being radical 24, Nelson 788, the second one not being in my dictionary, which is a beginner's one with only about 2000 kanji). From what I have found, the first, , means something like to taylor or to judge, the second, , something like to sell or to cure. Again, I can not understand a) why there are two kanji and b) how this actually relates to what aikido people know as sabaki. I can make sense of it, as my teacher judging my sabaki will taylor myself to some more adequate execution, what might be some cure for me that I have to pay with more sweat (i.e. the sale) - but from my previous expeditions into the deeper meanings of Japanese terminology I seem to remember there usually is a somewhat more 'real' approach ... :-)

Thanks again
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