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I typed kakari-geiko into my computer and got no response. Inputting separately yielded the characters that Jun gave you. On Page 677 and 678 of Masuda's Japanese-English Dictioary, there are 18 meanings given for kakaru. No 12 gives the same meaning as 攻撃 こうげき kougeki 'to attack' (the radical is No 66 and the first character is No. 2331 in Nelson's dictionary); 'to fall on the enemy'; 'to assail a person'. This would be something like how the students try to practice kakari-geiko in my university dojo.

Shikko is 膝行. The first character is 膝 ひざ hiza, meaning 'knee' and the second 行 (yuku) means to go or move.


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