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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Jun, as I said above my reasons were "including but not limited to religion."

The instructor had no religious trappings whatsoever. Again it was not the leadership of my former Aikido dojo that turned me away from Aikido, I will sing praises to them until the end of time. I have said over and over here that Jim is a superb instructor and his Aikido is amazing, and he is a great person as well. It was Jim's talent and personality alone that made me join the dojo and kept me training there for as long as I did.

But as we all know, a dojo consists more of just the instructor, it is a group of people who all bring something of their own to the table.

But I found that the way the leadership of my dojo approached Aikido was relatively unique and I would basically have to remain isolated there to be insulated from the spirituality stuff. As you know, Aikido is a large community that cross trains frequently at seminars and other dojos and such, and the ANV is lead by Saotome who is quite a spiritual guy. In Judo I don't feel as isolated and can comfortably go from dojo to dojo and not worry about dealing with that stuff. I can not and will not suffer it.

And as i said it was not only the spirituality stuff that I did not like about Aikido. After taking some Judo I learned I liked lots of randori, I do not like suwariwaza or bokken practice, I dislike many of the Aikido techniques, I do not like some of the formality, and I was uncomforatable practicing with several members of the dojo for a variety of reasons, including a few that always wanted to talk about ki, argh!

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