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Re: How serious a teacher are you?

I usually show up to class with not an Idea of what I'm going to do that day. If I do come in with a plan, I usually scrap it once we start. It's rare that I show up and everything works out how I plan it, so I stopped planning. I find that material is very dependent on who shows up (weather newbies, or weathered old timers, Gungho police and ex military, or house wives, and computer nerds). Also even at the class's where I'm pretty sure I know the turn out, I still wont know the mood of the class till I show up. I've heard that mood is a thing for Cattle and love play, but my job is really to help people learn, so I find I can best do that when appealing to the moods, and thoughts of my class. My class's usually center around what ever I'm working on in my personal training. Weather that be weapons, or controls, or throws, or intention magicy stuff. I just go with the flow. A nice thing about my self that I have seen in the last few years is that my knowledge of Aikido is strong enough that I can go in any direction I want and never feel like a fish out of water. This hasn't always been so, in my early years teacher I would often get to a technique that I wasn't so proficient at and I would skip it, or move on, afraid to teach something wrong, or mislead someone.

-Chris Hein
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