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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

Hey Michael,

Not sure whaat happened to your last post, since its not showing up on the thread, but I did get it with the e-mail notification.

Your Guro Andy sounds like a great guy. I'd love to train with him sometime for sure.

The format you gave for the sparring training you guys did is exactly the same paradigm that we use in Shodokan, that of not "trying to win" but as a means of self development and clearing/emptying the mind and body to react spontaneously (mushin mugamae).

The levels of randori you speak of are very important, we also follow a similar format where we start with just evasion and intercepting drills,(tai sabaki), then medium speed, zero resistance freeplay (kakari geiko), then onto medium to high speed, medium resistance freeplay with counters (hiki tate geiko) and then onto full speed, full resistance freeplay with counters (randori).

As you also said, when simply training and reacting to the sparring situation you do movements which appear in different arts, as such it's hard to distinguish what is an "Aikido" technique. I think this is a major benefit of randori, freeplay or sparring. It causes one to react spontaneously to the situation, particulars of form (as in kata practice) becomes secondary in this instant. This is what I am getting at as regards Aikido training and why forms training alone may not be sufficient to develop this level of reactive or instinctive spontaneity for the application of good, sound Aiki waza (just as your Guro is trying to develop your spontaneous Kali responses to attacks in his Kali class).

Thanks for letting me know how it went. Your training sounds great. It seems like the FMA sparring class and Instructor you have will help in your development of spontaneous reactions. It may show up as an increase in spontaneous ability when you do randori in your Aikido dojo, since you would have had much more practice in "reacting correctly" to apply waza.

Thanks for sharing.

--Mushin Mugamae - No Mind No Posture. He who is possessed by nothing possesses everything.--
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