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Gareth Hinds
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Re: Motion capture systems and martial arts

I've done a little work with mocap, though it was five years ago and things may've changed significantly. The obvious things I think you need to consider about the system are these:

If you are going to show both uke and nage, you need two rigs, or one rig with enough markers to distribute on two people. I've never worked with two person mocap, and I suspect it may be quite a bit more problematic than one person. For example, if you have 2 separate rigs, you have to sync them up. If you use an optical system, you will have some problems with one person occluding the other, and perhaps even points "jumping" from one skeleton to the other when they get occluded. If you use a wired system, the wires will be fairly restrictive of what you can do.

Those are the first things that spring to mind. Anyway, those groups who are already trying this should have good technical information for you, and if nothing else I bet it will be fun to experiment with.
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