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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

Michael Neal wrote:
Larry you said Judo was useless for self defense because they fight on the ground
Michael, please read the following slowly:

If I were to believe my own experiences alone I'd say that BJJ, Judo and any ground grappling art was useless for real world self defence...

However I'd be wrong in assuming that ground grappling arts were useless for self defence simply from those experiences.
I did not say that Judo was useless for self defence. I said that if I went by my own self defence experiences alone I'd assume that, but I'd actually be wrong. I do some Judo and BJJ as well as a Japanese Jujutsu-based system (non-koryu), so I know there is an area in which they work quite well for SD.

Michael Neal wrote:
Judoka that train only for competition are at much less of a disadvantage than those martial artists who do no competition or hard randori on a regular basis. Competition is perfect for developing all of those things you described, timing, distance, entering etc. I am not sure you have experienced much Judo if you can't see that. Have you ever done randori against a strong grip fighter? Their grips are more like realistic strikes than you see in many Aikido classes.
I agree Michael. I never said that folks who don't train for competition have an advantage over those folks who do hard randori on a regular bassis. You may have misread my last post entirely it seems.

As far as the grips of strong grip fighters relating to realistic strikes, I'd have to say you may have limited exposure to quality effective striking training if you'd equate their "jab, snatch and clinch" sort of attacks with a serious percussive strike.

Interesting concept though. It may be just that I have not seen an exceptional "strong grip fighter" in my experience, which is very possible.


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