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Re: Aikido minus mysticism: a step forward

Michael Neal wrote:
How is he imposing his views on others? He is just stating his views just like everyone else here.
"Imposing" may have been too harsh a word, but in effect Mr. Red Beetle is saying that the idea of ki, and the philosophy behind aikido, is rubbish. It is one thing to comment of the effectiveness of technique, but philosophy is neither right nor wrong. For him to say that a certain philosophical approach to martial arts is wrong, is...well wrong. I feel that it would be analogous to going to a dedicated Christian forum and starting a thread that says there is no way that a person could rise from the grave and come back to forgive all your sins and you are are fools for believing it. It just seems out of place in a bad way.

Jun Akiyama wrote:
That's an interesting statement, one with which I'm not too sure if I personally agree.

But, to make sure we're on the same starting page:

How would you define "mysticism" in the context of your thoughts in this thread?
I don't believe in the concept of "ki." The idea that there is some form of energy inside us and all around us that we can project from our bellies to our fingertips is a bit mystical to me. I may be wrong, but I think the idea of "ki" is integral to Aikido. "Ki" being a mystical concept, mysticism is integral to Aikido. IMHO of course.

As for striking with the intent to do damage: I will concede that there are aikidoka who have no problem with my willingness to beat the crap out of my attacker if you concede that that are many who would have a problem with it.
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