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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

I've got a video of one of my wrestlers with a 2 hour block of instruction in BJJ soundly defeating a 3 dan in judo, and several other guys in a BJJ match. Including a 6 foot 5, 310 pounder. (non judo, but MMA background).

I have beat this guy a few times, but he learns quickly and you never get him twice with the same move.

I'd have to say generally judo should be more prepared than wrestling in MMA, but did not find it to be the case this time around.

When I have time and if I can figure out how, i'll have to edit the video down to an acceptable size to post. If nothing else it is interesting to watch.

Oh yea, explained the rule to the guy just prior to the match and I had to show him how to wear a gi and tie his belt since he had never worn one!
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