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Michael Neal
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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

Red Beetle, I think we agree on many things but it just seems you have preference for wrestling and I have a preference for Judo. Wrestling has just as many limitations as Judo has. Just about every wrestler that I have sparred with in Judo was very vulnerable to chokes, armbars, and many throws as well. The bent over wrestling posture you described above does not work very well in my experience, I usually just drag them down and take their back for a choke. It is not until the wrestler crosstrains in BJJ or Judo do they learn how to overcome these weakeneses. So to be perfectly honest, I think pure Judo is much more prepared to deal with MMA than pure wrestling.

Karo, Fedor, Yoshida, etc. all have used Judo effectively in MMA on opponents not wearing a GI, they just use a different grip. Yes they crosstrained in striking and such but they still use 100% pure Judo all the time.
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