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Re: So I took a Judo class today...

Michael Neal wrote:
Yea but Judo's "take it to the ground strategy" involves puttting the attacker on the ground forcefully while remaining standing.
So does Aikido, Jujutsu and a few other arts - what's your point? When I said "take it to the ground" I meant grappling or striking while on the ground, not putting the guy there while remaining standing, which would be a takedown or throw. My fault for not clarifying enough I guess.

Michael Neal wrote:
What happens to someone who does not train any newaza at all when they find themselves on the ground, multiple attakers or not? They are then in serious trouble. Somoene skilled in newaza is better able to get to their feet quick, whether it be escaping a pin, dislocating arms, moving to a better psotion to stand etc.
Very true. But like you said, deliberately going into newaza in a multi attack situation is just stupid. Having training in ne waza will increase one's chances if such a situation were unavoidable however.

Now that I think about it though, Red may have a point regarding those Judoka who train only for competition and as a result may lack training in ma ai, timing, entering and setting up good tsukuri against a good striking attack if all they train from is the typical shiai grip positions.

Again, like any other single martial method, there are limits to its range. In the end, for unarmed or lightly armed self defence one needs to be capable in as many range options as possible to ensure some degree of overall effectiveness, not to mention study and appreciate the other, non-technical aspects of SD.

Just a few thoughts.

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