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Talking The solution to Aiki Newbie Confusion...

This is a somewhat of a spinoff from the "Beginners with delusions of grandeur" thread at:

I think I have the solution to aikido newbie confusion. Its simply caused by the fact they don't know the dojo rules. Ever see those long list of rules at your local pool? You know, the ones that state:

1. No diving allowed.
2. Please shower before you enter the pool.
3. Keep gate closed

and they all end with:

10. Swim at your own risk.

I propose that each Aikido dojo post a dojo warning sign, displayed prominantly next to the Shomen. I'm enlisting the help of all the great folks at aikiweb to flesh out the list of top 100 dojo rules for this sign. .

I'll start us of.

1) Your class instructor is called sensei. He teaches aikido.
2) Shutup and train. If you are not sensei, stop trying to teach your partner, (see rule 1 above).
3) Do not snicker, chuckle or give any outward indication that you find humor in the yudansha tripping on their hakama.
4) Do not complain about your exhaustion from constantly crashing into the tatami. You paid the dojo good money for this experience so enjoy.
5) When dojo mates tell you, "You look dead", they arent refering to your state of exhaustion. Just re-tie your gi left over right.
6) .......

oh yeah, it must end in the proverbial

100) Train at your own risk.
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