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Re: Beginners with delusions of grandeur...

I don't think the response should be resentful of the beginner. You should expect them to be as inept verbally and tactfully as they are technically. In all respects you as sempai must make up for the shortfall. What you are taking as delusion is also keenness, curiosity, questioning and active thinking about the technique which is fantastic and deserves a good response. Ignore any flim-flam you could take as criticism/ego take everything as a question and give the best answers and demonstration you can - you are a model. If you feel certain enough to be frustrated by it then you should be certain enough to rise above it.

For me, a good response is 'At this level this is an exercise in body movement without reversals or resistance. Try focusing on staying relaxed, feeling how your posture is broken and taking a safe ukemi' or some such. My sensei often demonstrates the twist in the demo to clearly show its not what is wanted. If necessary, a high elbow extending uke really neutralises any twisting with discomfort but not danger. Simply saying 'Don't twist' if they begin to also works.

Insofar as ensuring a safe ukemi, we start off by not gripping uke so that the cut is under their control. They can let go at any point and perform their stiff crumple when they need. It also makes trying to reverse the technique transparently absurd since they could simply let go.

This has been a message from a deluded-newbie in defense of his brethren.
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