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Re: Takemusu

Jan Max Bunzel wrote:
Hi Charles

If that writing is used by OSensei as the word Musubi (Connect - different chin. character) then it is I believe in support of the claim that there is a link between musubi and musu in Takemusu. Interesting I will check in my library when I am back home in Copenhagen.
There are many places in "Takemusu Aiki" where M Ueshiba cites the names of various deities. Those that combine 'musu' and 'hi' (=day) are the creation deities mentioned in the first section of the Kojiki. They are taka-mi-mu-su-bi-no-kami (Y"_) and kamu-mu-su-bi-no-kami (_Y"_). They are mentioned on pp.92 and 179. In other places Ueshiba combines Y and (tama = spirit), which he also reads as 'musubi'. See, for example, pp. 60, 121, 149, 161 (where he actually abbreviates the term by leaving out Y and simply reading as iku-musubi), and 179.

To make sense of "Takemusu Aiki" it is crucial to have read the "Kojiki".

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Edit. I see that Jun's dictionaries will not support the deities in the Kojiki. In the two examples above, the last characters are HI (sun) and kami (deity).

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